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HP printers have brought a revolution in the world of printing with their advancements in printing. Printers are the peripheral devices that convert software readable documents into graphics or text on papers and various printing platforms. These printers are generally classified into various categories like inkjet printers, LaserJet printers, daisy wheel printers and dot matrix printer. Whereas HP Printers have their own classification based on the use of ink and its type of use – Officejet, design jet, Latex printers and desk Jet printers.

LaserJet Printers

LaserJet Printers, as name specifies, are very high-speed printers works on electrostatic digital printing platform and produces high quality digital printing. HP LaserJet printers are fast and reliable and very economical in ink use. Up to 10 people can attach with and work at the same time. These printers also support various connectivity platforms and can serve the purpose at home and at office also. We are the leading service providers of your HP LaserJet printers.

Officejet Printers

One of the various categories of HP printers, these printers are specifically designed to serve office requirements. They are all-in-one with both wired and wireless connectivity printers that provide it an edge over many other printers. Officejet Printers also offer local printing via e-Print technology. Though they are specifically designed keeping in mind medium scale office requirements, yet they can also be a better choice for home also. For assistance on Officejet and many other printers, you can call on 1800-399-8826 or visit our website customersupportservicesnumberdirectory.com

Design jet Printers

HP Design Jet printers, the multipurpose printers, specifically designed to meet all medium or large-scale business requirements. They have various platforms for printing and various modes of connectivity with computers. They also provide local printing like e-Print and Wi-Fi printing. We provide assistance over Design jet printers also. We also provide live chat support for our printers.

Deskjet Printers

A very compact variety of printers by HP is Deskjet Printers. They have a very specific purpose of serving home use or very small-scale business requirements. Deskjet printers support both pigment and dye ink and also support landscape and portrait mode of printing also. They are generally available in both technologies – thermal inkjet and LaserJet technology. We provide assistance of all the type of printers of HP series. You can reach us by chat with customer support team or by visiting our website, you can also call us on 1800-399-8826 to get your issues resolved.

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